Catherine Biss Receives FIAA Outstanding Alumni Award

Markham Public Library CEO and iSchool Alumna, Catherine Biss (MLS 1975) is the recipient of this year’s FIAA Outstanding Alumni Award as announced at the 2011 Faculty of Information Spring Reunion for “her outstanding leadership, mentorship, and exceptional capacity for innovation in librarianship.”

Part of her nomination letter states: “Catherine has dedicated her entire professional life to pursuing her passion for libraries. She has often shared with her staff the transformative experiences she had as a child using her public library and developing a relationship with the children’s librarian who would never fail to engage her imagination and instilled in her a life-long love of the library. Such commitment to her profession is apparent in her approach to her current role as CEO of Markham Public Library.”

Ms Biss was recognized by the Mayor of Markham and Council for her FIAA award that Mr. Henderson presented to her at the last Library Board meeting, Monday, May 30.

Congratulations Ms Biss.

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