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CULC/CBUC’s Pre-Budget Consultation Recommendations

Recommendation 1: The Government of Canada ensures access to e-content for Canada’s public libraries from multinational publishers. Recommendation 2: That the Government of Canada consider longer term funding arrangements to ensure municipalities can continue to provide essential services, including those offered by public libraries, while municipal revenues continue to be impacted by the pandemic. Recommendation […]

Presentation Schedule for CULC/CBUC’s Toolkit on Recovery & Reimagined Public Library Services Post COVID-19

Toolkit Webinar Presentations on Recovery & Reimagined Public Library Service Post COVID-19 CULC/CBUC will be hosting a series of one hour Zoom presentations on the new Toolkits next week.  The Working Group for each section will present an overview and discuss the most relevant parts.  There will be a chat function where questions can be […]

CMA Funding to Support Reconciliation Program

Canadian Museums Association Receives Government Funding for National Review of Museum Policies to Support Reconciliation Program Ottawa, April 16, 2019 — Karen Bachmann, president of the Canadian Museums Association (CMA) is pleased to announce the support of Canadian Heritage – through the Museums Assistance Program (MAP) – for the CMA Reconciliation Program. The project has […]

Prime Minister Trudeau visits Pickering Public Library Maker Space

The Right Honourable Justin P. J. Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada Visits the Pickering Public Library Maker Space PICKERING, ON (March 26, 2019): We are honoured to announce the opportunity to provide the Right Honourable Justin P. J. Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada, a brief tour of our Maker Space on March 27, 2019 from […]

CFLA Statement – Concerned about US Net Neutrality Protection Elimination

GATINEAU, December 14, 2017 Canadian Federation of Library Associations – Fédération canadienne des associations de bibliothèques (CFLA-FCAB) Concerned about US Net Neutrality Protection Elimination Recent news of the United States’ Federal Communications Commission Order calling for the end of protecting net neutrality raises grave concerns. The future of information sharing globally could be put at […]

Ontario Provincial Election: Party Positions on Public and School Libraries

Thursday September 29, 2011 RE: PROVINCIAL ELECTION: PARTY POSITIONS ON PUBLIC AND SCHOOL LIBRARIES Dear Members, Colleagues, and Fellow Ontarians: On Thursday October 6, 2011, we, the people of Ontario will go to the polls and elect the MPPs who will constitute the Legislative Assembly of the 40th Parliament of Ontario. As members of the […]

CULC/CBUC White Paper on eBooks in Canadian Public Libraries

Christina de Castell (Vancouver Public Library) has developed this overview piece of the eBook issues that face Canadian Public Libraries. It is an educational/awareness piece and not policy per se. The document is broken into the following categories. Publishers and libraries need eBook models that make sense and maintain a strong book industry in Canada. […]