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Positive movement on Marrakesh Treaty by Canadian Government

CULC/CBUC and other interested organizations, including CELA, has noted that the Government has introduced (on April 24th) a bill that will make amendments to the Copyright Act to allow Canada to accede to and implement the Marrakesh Treaty to Facilitate Access to Published Works for Persons Who Are Blind, Visually Impaired or Otherwise Print Disabled. This treaty fosters, on a global basis, equitable access to published works, and as such, aligns with the values upheld by our member libraries, and sister organizations and libraries.  

Bill C-11, “An Act to amend the Copyright Act (access to copyrighted works or other subject-matter for persons with perceptual disabilities),” sponsored by the Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development, the Honourable Navdeep Bains, received First Reading in the House this morning, and is expected to take a few months to work its way through Parliament.   


LAC Stakeholders Forum (March 23, 2016)

Message bilingue / Bilingual message


Veuillez trouver en pièce jointe la documentation pour le prochain Forum des partenaires du 23 mars 2016 qui aura lieu par téléconférence WebEx de 13 h à 15 h (HAE). Ces documents seront également disponibles dans les prochains jours sur le Portail du Forum des partenaires à l’adresse suivante :

  • Liste des participants
  • Ordre du jour final (23 mars 2016)
  • Compte rendu des décisions (12 novembre 2015)
  • L’état des suivis (document interne – disponible en anglais seulement)
  • Présensation
    • Mise à jour sur le droit d’auteur
  • Présentation
    • Le point sur Bibliothèque et Archives Canada (BAC)
  • Présentation
    • Les acquisitions à BAC – Cadre de politique et Stratégie 2016-2019
    • BAC – Extraits du Cadre de politique d’évaluation et d’acquisition
    • Documenter la société canadienne – Stratégie d’acquisition de BAC 2016-2019
  • Présentation
  • Vers l’adoption de la Stratégie canadienne de numérisation du patrimoine documentaire
  • Élaboration d’une stratégie canadienne de numérisation du patrimoine documentaire

Je vous remercie et nous sommes impatients d’entamer la discussion avec vous.



Good day,

Please find attached the documentation for the upcoming March 23, 2016 Stakeholders Forum that will be held by WebEx teleconference between 1:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time. These documents will also be made available in the coming days on the Forum Portal accessible at:

  • Participants list
  • Final agenda (March 23, 2016)
  • Record of decision (November 12, 2015)
  • Status of action items
  • Presentation
    • Copyright update
  • Presentation
    • Library and Archives Canada (LAC) update
  • Presentation
    • LAC Acquisitions – Policy framework and Strategy 2016-2019
    • LAC – Evaluation and Acquisition Policy Framework
    • Documenting Canadian society – LAC acquisition strategy 2016-2019 (Available in French only – English version to follow)
  • Presentation
    • Moving forward with the Canadian National Heritage Digitization Strategy
    • Building a Canadian National Heritage Digitization Strategy

Thank you, and looking forward to our discussions.

EN_Documenter la société canadienne v09_FINAL.PDF (793.89 kb)


Playback for Webinar.

The link to the webinar recording.  It can be accessed at any time and can freely share with their colleagues.