CULC/CBUC Toolkit on Recovery & Reimagined Public Library Services Post COVID-19


Key Considerations

During a pandemic and recovery from it, how can public libraries:

  • Support and accommodate staff, including those:
    • who are most vulnerable to COVID-19 once physical services resume?
    • who have child/elder care obligations?
    • who may come to work sick rather than provide medical notes?
    • experiencing mental health issues arising from, or exacerbated by, COVID-19?
  • Meet their obligations to provide a safe work environment, including:
    • responding to staff fears and anxiety about safety in the workplace?
    • ensuring a safe workplace and constructively addressing work refusals?
    • determining what PPE or public health measures will be required?
  • Manage the recall process for staff who are laid off/on leave?
  • Contemplate continued remote work arrangements?
  • Build agile workplace cultures to respond quickly and innovate rapidly?
  • Promote a change positive culture in times of uncertainty and rapid evolution?
  • Motivate employees and increase staff engagement in difficult times?
  • Develop competencies
    • to deliver trauma informed approaches to support each other?
    • learn to collaborate, communicate and deliver services and programs virtually?
  • Support leaders in identifying and developing the skills and competencies needed in an unprecedented crisis and in a time of ongoing uncertainty for staff?