To facilitate advocacy, collaboration, and research that strengthens and promotes the value of Canada’s urban libraries as integral to a vibrant democracy, a strong economy, and thriving communities.

Favoriser la mobilisation, la collaboration et la recherche pour renforcer et promouvoir les bibliothèques urbaines du Canada comme éléments inhérents d’une démocratie dynamique, d’une économie forte et de collectivités prospères.

Welcome | Bienvenue

Focus Areas & Objectives | Domaines d’interet et Objectifs

Research | Recherche

Create, analyze, and disseminate information that will further the mission of the organization. | Créer, analyser, et faire connaître l’information qui va promouvoir la mission de l’organisme.

Capacity Building | Renforceement des capacités

Strengthen the capacity of urban libraries to anticipate and respond to the needs of the community. | Renforcer les capacités des bibliothèques urbaines à anticiper et combler les besoins de la communauté.

Knowledge Transfer | Transfert des connaissances

Strengthen our ability to transfer knowledge, share information within CULC/CBUC and to advance the urban agenda. | Renforcer nos compétences en matière de transfert de connaissances, partager l’information au sein du CBUC/CULC et faire avancer l’agenda urbain.

Organizational Resilency | Résilience organisationnelle

Focus on capacity building initiatives in order to strengthen the resources required for the organization to meet its mandate. | S’intéresse aux initiatives de renforcement des capacités afin de consolider les ressources requises pour permettre à l’organisation de satisfaire au mandat.

Current CULC/CBUC Projects

We want to thank everyone who has raised this issue with their communities and their MPs. @Cqualtro has championed disability rights in the past and we're hoping she will help #RestoreAccesibleBookFunding now https:/ww.cbc.ca/news/politics/accessible-reading-funding-cut-1.5938122

It's #WorldBookDay and we should be celebrating. Instead we are fighting on behalf of 1 in 10 Canadians with print disabilities. Please RT to help us convince @CQualtro and @cafreeland not to cut $4 million in funding for #accessible books 3 million Canadians rely on. #cdnpoli

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