CULC/CBUC to meet in Edmonton – June 6-7, 2010

Members will gather following the Canadian Library Association Conference in Edmonton. The group will plan to meet all day on the 6th and finish with lunch on the 7th. The Executive will be working on the schedule in April. Edmonton Public Library has graciously agreed to host CULC/CBUC.

The meeting will begin at 8:30 am on the 6th (with coffee and muffins). Immediately following this will be the 2009 Annual General Meeting and receipt of the Audit. The location will be the Edmonton Room on the lower level. The preliminary agenda is available in the Member Area.

Les membres se réuniront suivant le congrès de l’Association canadienne des bibliothèques, qui aura lieu à Edmonton. Le groupe compte se réunir toute la journée du 6 juin et finira la réunion par un dîner le 7 juin. La direction préparera l’ordre du jour en avril. La bibliothèque municipale d’Edmonton a gracieusement accepté d’accueillir les réunions des membres du CBUC/CULC.

If you take a book out of a Canadian library, the author gets a payment every year if they’ve registered through the Public Lending Right Program. I got my cheque today! Big thanks to all you great library users. Authors, here’s the link to register:

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