Bill C-32 Goes to Committee & Writers Groups launch full-scale attack

A coalition of writers groups have launched a full-scale attack on C-32 reforms such as fair dealing, interlibrary loans, the remix exception, and format shifting Their brief to the Ministers is posted below.
Writers Rights to Ministers Brief

Michael Geist has provided a lengthy response at the following:

CULC/CBUC’s Copyright Committee will meet to discuss and next steps. Below are notes from Paul Whitney, the Chair of the Copyright Forum:

  • The Bill was referred to the as yet named Legislative Committee on Friday November 5th.
  • “Take-aways” from the Copyright Forum meeting that was held on Thursday, November 4th.
  • It was stated that user rights advocacy is not being heard by the legislators and bureaucracy.
  • The view was expressed that the key time for focussed advocacy is during the Committee hearings not necessarily now in the press.
  • There was general agreement that as many user rights associations as possible should apply to appear before the Committee. We should not defer to “umbrella” organizations but take a collaborative but multi-pronged approach. This might help avoid panels.


  • Dispel doomsday claims; e.g. the inclusion of education in fair dealing does not mean the end of licensing as we know it.
  • We need to go on the offensive rather than adopting defensive positions: e.g.
    • the inclusion of education in fair dealing will still have Canadian educators having fewer and less extensive rights in using content than US educators.
    • We need more extensive access to remedies for circumvention including individuals acting in good faith (sec 41.2)
    • Do away with provisions which turn library staff and educators into cops
    • Remove self destruction requirements
  • We need to support notice and notice as it is being attacked

The suggestion was made that we consider a collaborative “Day on the Hill” which focuses exclusively on copyright issues. While many Forum member organizations are coordinating “Days on the Hill”, too often copyright has a low or no presence given other pressing issues which vary group to group. There was no immediate consensus on this proposal which arose late in the meeting and I agreed to poll the membership on the desire for such an effort and the feasibility of pulling it together. Clearly in order to make this work we would have to draw on in-kind and possibly financial resources from members.

Members are encouraged to post information, links, briefs etc as things move forward with C-32. A conference call/in-person meeting will be scheduled when we know who is appearing before the Committee.

The Parliamentary Information and Research Service has created a detailed Legislative Summary of Bill C-32.

The Legisinfo site also includes links to all the Major House speeches and the status of the Bill.

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