LAC-BAC identifies 12 key modernization initiatives

Following the last October Stakeholder’s Forum at LAC-BAC that CULC/CBUC participated in, which National Librarian and Archivist Daniel J. Caron described as ”a valuable opportunity to gather some of the most engaged and innovative voices of the library, archival and historical research communities to examine the challenges we face together in assessing, acquiring and preserving Canadian documentary heritage. The lively discussions that took place will enable us to develop a concerted approach in building a pan-Canadian documentary heritage network.”

He has now shared the draft of the twelve modernization initiatives that he has established with his Management Board. Those priorities will form the heart of our action plan for the next few years.


  1. By April 2011, LAC will have implemented an external engagement strategy.
  2. By April 2015, LAC will have fully implemented a coherent “whole of society” approach in order to appraise and preserve the most appropriate representation of Canadian documentary heritage of all kinds (public, private, published, un-published, etc.) and to determine where best it should reside.
  3. In April 2011, LAC will begin to apply a whole of government appraisal framework to guide the development of RDAs.
  4. Beginning in April 2011, LAC will conduct a systematic review of the relevance of its holdings based on its mandate and using the whole-of-society appraisal approach.
  5. By April 2011, LAC will develop and begin implementing a workforce strategy and will have implemented an engagement strategy for employees.
  6. By September 2011, develop a business architecture reflective of modernization and ensure that IT priorities are closely aligned with modernization.
  7. By April 2012, LAC will have modernized its reprography services by providing all copies in digital format only and by re-purposing content to make it available on-line.
  8. By April 2011, LAC will implement a tiered approach to serving Canadians (citizen services).
  9. By April 2014, LAC will have shortened the time between acquisitions and access and will ensure that all of its holdings are discoverable.
  10. By December 2011, in the context of its Pan-Canadian approach, LAC will have reviewed its service to documentary heritage institutions/organizations.
  11. By April 2017, LAC will become a trusted digital repository, providing assurance that Canada’s digital documentary heritage is being preserved for the long term.
  12. Beginning in 2011, LAC will develop and propose a single framework for description of all content, leveraging meta-data created by creators, donors and users.

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