Ontario Provincial Election: Party Positions on Public and School Libraries

Thursday September 29, 2011


Dear Members, Colleagues, and Fellow Ontarians:

On Thursday October 6, 2011, we, the people of Ontario will go to the polls and elect the MPPs who will constitute the Legislative Assembly of the 40th Parliament of Ontario.

As members of the library profession ours is a double task. Not only must we balance our own personal and local interest when we cast our ballet, we must also ensure that the MPPs that are elected will protect and promote libraries within the province.

To assist each of us in our own personal decision on whom we vote for on October 6, I sent to each of the provincial parties two questions related to their party’s policy as they pertain to libraries within the province. The first asked what the party’s policy is regarding the existence of libraries in schools and their staffing by trained library professionals. The second was what the party’s policy is regarding keeping public libraries public, increasing funding for collection, be they physical or electronic, and staffing by trained library professionals. Please find attached to this letter the three responses I received from the Liberal, PC, and NDP parties.

Ultimately who you vote for on October 6 is your own personal decision. Previous generations of Canadians have fought both physically and socially for your right to vote. Let the material I provided along with your own research guide your decision for which candidate you cast your ballet on October 6.

I look forward to seeing you at the polls on October 6.


Michael David Reansbury
2011-2012 President, OALT/ABO

Liberal 2011 Election Response

NDP 2011 Election response

PC 2011 Election response

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