Toronto Budget Committee Votes for $7M more from Library Board

UPDATED: The Toronto Star reported on January 12th that the Executive Committee reversed some of the decisions by the Budget Committee including lowering the cut to the Toronto Public Library by $3.1M.–toronto-budget-rob-ford-allies-reject-proposed-cuts-to-arts-and-library?bn=1

The Board had offered 5.9% of cuts totally $10M. The Budget Committee voted on Monday to force the Board to choose how to come up with an additional $7M in cuts. The full Council has not yet voted and they may reverse the decision of the Budget Committee.

The likely cuts to meet the $7M, as reported in The Toronto Star are: “Chief librarian Jane Pyper says the only realistic options are cutting branch hours and the collections budget, or eliminating services such as literacy programs and the Bookmobile.”

The Budget Committee continues to meet.

If you take a book out of a Canadian library, the author gets a payment every year if they’ve registered through the Public Lending Right Program. I got my cheque today! Big thanks to all you great library users. Authors, here’s the link to register:

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