eBooks @ OLA; and ACP Winter Meetings

More than 170 people came to hear what CULC/CBUC has been doing on the eBook file since the last public meeting in June at CLA-Halifax. The task force members gave some updates and talked about the challenges that the sector is seeing in Canada and abroad.

CULC/CBUC was fortunate enough to have been debriefed by incoming ALA President Maureen Sullivan on the morning of the presentation following ALA’s meetings in New York with US publishers about similar issues that CULC has been having for more than 18 months.

The presentation PPT is available here:

I admire how these librarians remain friendly when repeatedly asked to respond to the "do we need you anymore" argument. I see no signs of decline of #libraries, quite the opposite. @vbowlestpl @shamike2009 @KitchLibrary @torontolibrary @le_shore

"It's really important for the public library to stand up for intellectual freedom, for free speech & expression." — @vbowlestpl (@torontolibrary) at 8/11pm w/ Sabrina Saunders (@TheBMPL), Mary Chevreau (@KitchLibrary), @shamike2009 (@HarvardGSD) & @spaikin | Producer @ebombicino

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