Spring CULC Meeting is pre-CLA

The Spring meeting, scheduled for Ottawa, will take place in the afternoon of May 29 and the morning of May 30 in advance of the CLA Annual Conference. The meetings will be in downtown Ottawa. Location to be determined.

The decision had been made to collapse the meeting to one full-day in advance of CLA (rather than 1.5 days after CLA). However, CLA has requested that CULC/CBUC push back by half-a-day to lend support to their “CLA Advocacy on the Hill” Advocacy Afternoon on the 30. More information here:

They will be communicating shortly about the nature of the involvement they would like CULC/CBUC Member Library Directors and CEOs to have to make this a success.

The plan will be for CULC/CBUC to meet from 1:00 pm to 5:30 pm on the 29 with a social event in the evening, following by 8:30 am to 12:30 pm on the 30.

The Executive is meeting on March 5 to start forming the Agenda and to use the time we have together to the maximum benefit. If any member has a topic they would like the Executive to consider, please send along prior to March 5.

⚠️ Safety is a top priority for Canadian public libraries. The CULC/CBUC Safety and Security Toolkit provides a menu of options to help manage and respond to security incidents more effectively. Visit to enhance your library's safety plan! 📚

Just released — OVERDUE: The Case for Canada’s Public Libraries is the product of three years of CUI’s engagement with Canada’s urban public libraries alongside @culc_cbuc.
Read the report at:

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