CAP-Youth Initiative stays in tact; but funding for operations ends

In letters sent to provincial operators and many CAP sites around the country, Lisa Setlakwe, Director General of the Regional Operations Sector at Industry Canada had the following to say:

CAP contributed to bringing computer and Internet technologies to Canadians across the country, and has successfully achieved its objectives. In these challenging fiscal times, the Government remains committed to prioritizing expenditures and retuming to budget balance. CAP was scheduled to end March 31,2012, and will not be renewed.

Federal funding wiÍl continue for CAP YI to support youth internships at community Internet sites. This will provide young Canadians with vital skills and work experience needed to make a successful transition to the workplace. Former CAP-supported sites will continue to be eligible for this funding.

It's #WorldBookDay and we should be celebrating. Instead we are fighting on behalf of 1 in 10 Canadians with print disabilities. Please RT to help us convince @CQualtro and @cafreeland not to cut $4 million in funding for #accessible books 3 million Canadians rely on. #cdnpoli

The Government of Canada is cutting funding for accessible book production in Canada by $1 million each year until it is fully eliminated in 2015, resulting in fewer books, less choice, less service for our users. Help us stop the cuts! #cdnpoli #AccessibleBooksMatter #a11y

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