Paul Takala new CEO at Hamilton Public Library

Hamilton Public Library Board Appoints New Chief Librarian/Chief Executive Officer

The Board of the Hamilton Public Library is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Paul Takala to the position of Chief Librarian/Chief Executive Officer.

Paul has held the role of Director of Digital Technology with the Hamilton Public Library since March of 2009 and has been with the Hamilton Public Library in a managerial capacity since 1999. He has a Master of Library and Information Science degree from the University of Toronto. Paul brings over seventeen years of public library experience, including several years at New York Public Library, to the position of Chief Librarian/Chief Executive Officer. As one of Canada’s foremost leaders of library technology, Paul has played an integral role in the implementation of many innovative projects at Hamilton Public Library that have enhanced operations and improved the customer experience. He has also been instrumental in creating efficiencies within the Hamilton Public Library that have resulted in an increase in the circulation of over 2 million items in the last five years. Paul’s expertise and leadership skills will create opportunities for continued advancement in technology, customer service and community engagement.

Paul has been active on community boards and committees throughout his library career and currently serves as Treasurer for the Board of the Ontario Library Association. He has demonstrated his commitment and dedication to the Hamilton community through his involvement with many organizations including 10 years of service on Community Information Hamilton’s Board with two years as President from 2006 to 2008. With strong ties to the library community, Paul has also served on provincial and academic committees and is a member of the Canadian Library Association and of the American Library/Public Library Association. He has received several awards in recognition of his commitment to the public library field. The W.J. Robertson Medallion was awarded to Paul in 2006 by the Ontario Library Board’s Association. In 2003, he received the University of Toronto Alumni Association Arbour Award for the Faculty of Information Studies. Paul is also a graduate of the Bay Area Leadership program.

Paul’s appointment was unanimously approved by the Board of the Hamilton Public Library. He will assume his new role on June 1. George Geczy, Chair of the Hamilton Public Library Board, said, “Paul’s experience and background are important assets that he brings to the role of Chief Librarian, but his greatest strength is his passion for libraries and the communities we serve. This passion has been a hallmark of Hamilton’s past Chief Librarians and Paul is set to continue those traditions as he takes the reins of one of the most respected library systems in Canada.”