Communique on Alternative Format Delivery Project

A Communique from the CULC/CBUC Working Group on Alternative Formats. It is titled Canadian Public Library Accessible Formats Initiative, but this is not a presumed title for the project. We are hoping to name the new service when it is closer to the final iteration.

There seems to be considerable misunderstanding within the broader library and end user community about the work CULC/CBUC has been undertaking on this file and the availability of options being considered by various library stakeholders.

Since June 2012 CULC/CBUC has been in discussions with CNIB about alternative format production and service provision.  There is an exciting and sustainable service model has been developed.  We are very pleased to have a meeting scheduled at the end of May with the PTPLC to see how NNELS/CALS and the solution CULC/CBUC has been working on can come together; or compliment each other. In order to respond to the questions we have been receiving, please see the attached brief that outlines the service model that has been developed. 

Thank you for the significant support of this project and the encouraging words that many have sent in to keep the focus on the outcome that has been described.

CULC Alternative Format.pdf

CULC/CBUC Alternative Format

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