Libraries in Crisis

This Spring has been a very difficult time for a number of libraries in Canada through natural disasters and other crisis. Various CULC members have been in touch and what is clear is that they are all at different stages of recovery. They all need support, and all need money the most. Please see the various links that have been established to provide this support. 

Fire and Total Destruction of Lac-Mégantic (QC)

Flooding in High River (AB)

Fire in Bella Bella (BC)

Flooding of Calgary Central Library

Flooding of Toronto Public Library – Richview Branch (Etobicoke)

CULC/CBUC encourages you to support.

If you take a book out of a Canadian library, the author gets a payment every year if they’ve registered through the Public Lending Right Program. I got my cheque today! Big thanks to all you great library users. Authors, here’s the link to register:

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