VIP Summit – Values, Influence and Position

CULC/CBUC participating with many other provinicial and national organizations.

How can we reinforce the Value, Influence, and Position (VIP) of libraries in Ontario collaboratively and strategically, especially in preparation for municipal and provincial elections?

The OLA Board of Directors, and the OLA Advocacy Committee invites representatives from the organizations/associations listed below to participate in a conversation about how we can work together to engage with decision makers about the future of libraries.

We want to find out what each organization’s key focus and messages are to work towards a simple, unified, and focused communication strategy for the upcoming elections.

Proposed agenda:

  1. Welcome, around the room – one minute per lead: name/org/library sector/advocacy priority
  2. Purpose of the day: recognition of overall need for library support, the range of library organizations in Ontario, creating a clear strategy for engagement.
  3. Discussion of advocacy mapping and review of pre-event survey response (see below).
  4. Group work by library sector.
  5. Group reports: broad priorities/next steps to pursue for election strategy, including leads, messaging, etc.

Invited organizations:

  • Public Libraries:
    • Federation of Ontario Public Libraries
    • Ontario Public Library Association
    • Ontario Library Boards Association
    • AMPLO
    • ARUPLO
    • SOLS and OLS-N
    • Ministry TCS
  • School Libraries
    • People for Education
    • The Association of Library Consultants of Ontario (TALCO)
    • Ontario School Libraries Association
    • Ontario Teachers Federation
  • College and University Libraries
    • Progressive Librarians Guild
    • Ontario College and University Library Association
    • OCLS
  • General:
    • OLA
    • Ontario Association of Library Technicians
    • ABO – Franco
    • CLA

Just released — OVERDUE: The Case for Canada’s Public Libraries is the product of three years of CUI’s engagement with Canada’s urban public libraries alongside @culc_cbuc.
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