Public Library Leadership Fellows Program – Deadline coming on April 15

CULC/CBUC Members — please consider either sending applicants from your institution or sharing with staff who might be interested in self-funding their development. The application period for the second cohort is closing on April 15, 2014.

The first cohort (19 Fellows) completed in January 2014 with presentation of their iSchool Certificates. The goal is to begin the second cohort this June in conjunction with the CLA Meetings and Conference being held in Victoria. The PLLFP sessions will be the day before CLA in the Lower Mainland.

Link to the PLLFP information on CULC/CBUC website is here:

Thank you to those who have already indicated they are sending or submitted applications. Please let me know if you have an application or applications in process so I can share with the PLLFP Advisory Group who is planning the schedule and faculty. Cohort participants must attend 4 of the 6 Site Visits and complete all of the Instructional Units. Instructional Units are available through distance learning for those not at the Site Visit.

Proposed Schedule for Site Visits (subject to change), including locations

Site Visit #1
Location: May 2014 in conjunction with CLA event (Lower Mainland being proposed)
Topic: HR and Changing Workplaces
Instructional Unit: Issues in HR Development

Site Visit #2
Location: October 2014 in Greater Cleveland Area
Topic: Changing Libraries, Changing Communities
Instructional Unit: Partnerships, collaborations, and advocacy

Site Visit #3
Location: January 2015 in GTA in conjunction OLA Super Conference
Topic: Technology
Instructional Unit: Leadership in technology, visioning, collaboration

Site Visit #4
Location: May 2015 in conjunction with CLA event (National Capital Region)
Topic: Finance
Instructional Unit: Issues in Finance

Site Visit #5
Location: October 2015 in Calgary, Alberta
Topic: Physical Space
Instructional Unit: Government and government relations

Site Visit #6
Location: January 2016 in GTA in conjunction with OLA Super Conference
Topic: Partnerships, collaborations, and advocacy
Instructional Unit: Leadership based on personal strengths

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