Updated CULC/CBUC Paper on eBooks and Public Libraries

April 24 – Today CULC/CBUC released and up-to-date white paper on eBooks and Canadian public libraries. Written by Christina de Castell (Vancouver Public Library) this updates the White Paper that was originally published by CULC/CBUC in August 2011. The new paper is entitled “eBooks in 2014: Access and Licensing at Canadian Public Libraries”.

CULC/CBUC has invested a lot of member time in improving access to eBook content over the last few years. Working with eBound Canada, the eContent Task Force concluded a RFP process without a pilot late in 2013. This new paper chronicles all that has happened from 2011 to 2014 and where public libraries currently sit in terms of access to eBook content and leading technology. It is the most up-to-date document of it’s kind in Canada for public library perspectives. Please share with your staff to keep them informed of the current status of this work. The CULC/CBUC Task Force continues to explore ways to effectively work with eBook and eContent for Canadian public library access, in collaboration with Canadian publishers and the library vendor community. The CULC/CBUC Task Force includes members from Hamilton, Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver public libraries.

CULC/CBUC wants to thank the entire task force, Christina and Vancouver Public Library for the development of this resource.

eBooks in 2014: Access and Licensing at Canadian Public Libraries