CULC/CBUC WEBINAR – KPI Tool – May 19th @ 1 pm EASTERN

WHEN: Thursday, May 19th @ 1pm EASTERN (10 am Pacific; 11 am Mountain; 12 noon Central; 2 pm Atlantic)

WHO: Open to any CULC/CBUC member whether you are a subscriber or not.

FEE: There is no fee.

REGISTRATION: There is no need to register in advance.

CONNECTING DETAILS: EMAIL with details sent to CULC/CBUC Members.

At the session in Vancouver it was suggested that a webinar would be helpful for new CEOs as well as staff who are using whether they are inputting date or have access for reports. The tool itself is very powerful with lots of ways to reflect the data to help tell stories.

The session will be structured into two parts:

Part A – Basic Overview of what is collected
CULC/CBUC collects a huge amount of data at both a library and a branch level, attached is a list of the Performance Indicators included in both collections.  There is also a copy of the 2014 data in Excel.  However, the beauty of the Counting Opinions system is what else is possible and that will be Part B.
Part B – How to make this tool into a Management Tool
Watch what is possible when the tool is used. This will be of particular interest to those who are comparing performance at branch level or across systems.
  • Run your own report as soon as you have entered data
  • Create filters based on data – directly compare your library to other libraries within a similar population, or any other indicator in the collection.
  • Customize your own list of libraries to compare your data
  • Run comparisons on a branch-level basis
  • The Counting Opinions platform can produce reports from a single year, compare year-to-year, or a trend all the way back to 2001
  • View your data in a table report, create quick bar charts, line graphs, and cross tab reports and more.
  • Export your data to Excel or publish it right online

Attached is the 2014 CULC/CBUC KPI report in Excel. This report displays the data in the collection but the Counting Opinions platform can help you create more usable reports.  We provide this to you as a member/subscriber and ask that the Excel File be used for internal use. The PDFs by section (and as a single document) are available publicly on the CULC/CBUC website.

Is there data that you wish we were collecting? We can easily add questions and start collecting information. Are there PIs that we should be retiring?

⚠️ Safety is a top priority for Canadian public libraries. The CULC/CBUC Safety and Security Toolkit provides a menu of options to help manage and respond to security incidents more effectively. Visit to enhance your library's safety plan! 📚

Just released — OVERDUE: The Case for Canada’s Public Libraries is the product of three years of CUI’s engagement with Canada’s urban public libraries alongside @culc_cbuc.
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