Professor Lynne Howarth joins PLLeaders Advisory Board

As we finalize plans for the forthcoming – and exciting – PLLeaders session with Chicago Public Library (YouMedia), John Chrastka (EveryLibrary), and Lita Barrie (Instructional Session on Technology and Collections), I am thrilled to advise you all that Prof. Lynne Howarth, Professor and former Dean, Faculty of Information, has agreed to join our Advisory Team.

Prof. Howarth brings a wealth of knowledge and leadership experience in Library and Information Science Education, and a strong commitment to the future of the profession to this Program. I’ve referred to her before as the “North Star” of LIS education in this country. In her formal biography on the iSchool Web site (see link below), you will see, for example, her leading role in the IMLS-funded “Envisioning our Information Future and How to Educate for It”. Executive education, as we know through our work on developing PLLeaders, is a huge piece of our future readiness. I’ve assured Lynne that we work through consensus and informal meetings by teleconference that are energizing and fun (and not too much work!) See

So a warm welcome and a huge “Thank You” to Lynne. And iSchool CAO Glenn Cumming will remain an active member of the Advisory Team, so we continue to have the benefit of his knowledge, wise counsel, and practical support at the University.

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