UPDATE: Digital Literacy Exchange Program

A small working group is working on the very complex application of 24 questions. There is quite limited space in the initial application (sometimes only 250 words) making it a challenge.That said we have had a very productive call with the people at ISED about the National Approach and MAJOR request we are suggesting for the public library community.

In Year One we have (at this stage) allocated about 350 projects that range in dollar size and reach from about $1,500 (expectation of project to reach 40 participants from the under represented groups that ISED has identified) up to $100,000 (expectation to reach 5,000 participants). We have also created a separate pot of money to support the Far North and Indigenous communities where a train-the-trainer strategy could be effective. Another small packet that is being requested to actually develop a National Digital Strategy – using evaluation and research with a partner like a University.

The core belief is that public libraries know their communities, so within the framework of what the government hopes to achieve it will be the libraries that suggest projects they feel are priorities for their communities. Not dissimilar from programs like CAP back in the late 90s, early 2000s where similar training was quite successful (albeit with a much broader group of Canadians who simply did not have connectivity).

If you are willing to complete the short survey that will provide us with some examples we can cite. I mention the word limitation, but it is super important that we use examples from all parts of the country and many different library types. Thanks in advance.


Deadline: Friday, March 23rd @ 12:00 noon.

Just released — OVERDUE: The Case for Canada’s Public Libraries is the product of three years of CUI’s engagement with Canada’s urban public libraries alongside @culc_cbuc.
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Now Accepting Applications for the Public Library Leaders program:

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