Many CULC/CBUC members step up to support One Page Festival

2020 has been a difficult year for many in the literary sector, with independent booksellers closing, writers and other artists finding themselves without any means of support, and many of Canada’s literary and arts festivals struggling to adapt to a new reality. So Toronto Public Library, in partnership with Canada’s largest literary festivals, is launching One Page: Canada’s Virtual Literary Series this fall. With One Page, we hope to strengthen and support the literary and arts scenes across the country by sharing resources and working together to ensure as many organizations as possible survive these difficult times, while at the same time, offering Canadians access to some of the best local, national and international literary content available.

Starting on October 8, 2020, One Page will present a bi-weekly series of virtual events featuring some of the best known and most popular writers around the world, in conversation with Canadian hosts talking directly to Canadians. These events will be promoted across the country with the goal of attracting thousands of Canadians to watch online. Book sales and book borrowing will be an integral part of each event, to support writers, publishers and encourage book culture and access to literature.

With sponsorship and support funding from Toronto Public Library, and contributions from One Page’s founding literary festivals, we are able to offer One Page content (curated by artistic directors and curators from across the country) to Canadian audiences via their local libraries.

Libraries can join the initiative any time throughout the month of October.

How to find out more

More information is available by contacting: An information session will be held on Tuesday, Sept 29th at 2:00 – 3:00pm where we can provide more information about how the project works, what events we have confirmed for the fall, the benefits for your library in taking part in One Page, and the benefits to One Page in having you involved.