CBC Library Partnerships Program

Community engagement is one of the many ways public libraries and CBC/Radio-Canada achieve their priorities and objectives.

We have launched the Library Partnerships Program to explore partnership opportunities with public libraries to further community engagement.

A new fund is available internally to all CBC departments and teams to finance pilot projects together with public libraries.

The Program & Fund: Eligibility Criteria and Considerations


  1. Engagement with one or more underserved communities
  2. Potential size of the community

Partnership scope and depth of engagement

  1. Level of engagement and integration with the library
  2. Potential for content creation
  3. Impact for the public library, the community and CBC/Radio-Canada


  1. Can we build or expand upon a positive pre-existing relationship with the library?


  1. Communities away from CBC/Radio-Canada’s nearest station or bureau
  2. Communities where we have not been before

For more information email the Library Partnerships Program Manager: