Anthea Goffe is the new Executive Director of Coquitlam PL

The Board of the Coquitlam Public Library is pleased to announce Anthea Goffe as the new Executive Director.

Anthea brings a wealth of talent and experience to her new role. She has been working in the library sector for over twenty years, with the last eight years holding the title of Director, Community Engagement at Coquitlam Public Library. She has played a key role in the growth and reach of the Library, including expanding the Library Link mobile library service from two to seven days a week, and guiding the Library’s pandemic response with pivoted programming and new services, with a focus on public safety.

Anthea looks forward to leading the Library on many fronts—expanding the traditional and electronic collections, creating inviting spaces for all Coquitlam residents, and ensuring services reach deep into the community.

“It is my goal to increase Coquitlam’s engagement with, and connection to, the Library by continually improving everything we do for our community. To me, this means balancing traditional services and stewardship with innovation and new avenues of service. I am looking forward to continuing this journey with Coquitlam Public Library!” says Ms. Goffe. 

Anthea has a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Library Science from the University of British Columbia. She also recently completed a certificate in Public Library Leadership through the University of Toronto and Canadian Urban Libraries Council. Anthea has been the interim Executive Director since February. 

⚠️ Safety is a top priority for Canadian public libraries. The CULC/CBUC Safety and Security Toolkit provides a menu of options to help manage and respond to security incidents more effectively. Visit to enhance your library's safety plan! 📚

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