6th Co-hort of PLLeaders Launchs

With 37 participants, the 6th co-hort of the Public Library Leaders (PLLeaders) program has launched today. Under the new leadership of Lita Barrie, CEO, Burlington Public Library. Participants will meet twice a month for the next 16 months for in-depth discussions about issues facing libraries and lessons in leadership, before graduating at the 2025 OLA Super Conference.

The program was significantly re-built during COVID to include virtual panels and lectures. The participants in the previous co-hort campaigned for a third in-person session. The co-hort will meet in person in Vancouver in October, Montreal in May, and Toronto in January 2025.

Just released — OVERDUE: The Case for Canada’s Public Libraries is the product of three years of CUI’s engagement with Canada’s urban public libraries alongside @culc_cbuc.
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Now Accepting Applications for the Public Library Leaders program:

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