Margie Singleton, CEO Vaughn PL, named Dalhousie Outstanding Alumni

2023 Dalhousie Outstanding Alumni Award (OAA) Recipient

Margie Singleton (MLS’80), CEO of the Vaughan Public Libraries (VPL), is the recipient of the 2023 Dalhousie Outstanding Alumni Award.

Originally from Kingston, Ont., Margie completed an undergraduate degree in Urban Geography at Queens University, after which she received her Master of Library Service from Dalhousie in 1980. Margie has worked in public libraries her entire career, the early years in Kingston and Barrie, moving to Toronto Public Library, Clarington Public Library and finally to Vaughan Public Libraries in 2000. Margie has been a staunch advocate, champion, and ambassador for public libraries at the local, provincial, and national levels, and her work has had a lasting impact on library services and the profession.

Her leadership qualities, drive and dedication were highlighted by her supporters, and her achievements in shepherding a significant growth plan for VPL, including 7 new facilities and more to come, were ample evidence of these characteristics. Margie is also well known for her commitment to mentoring and developing others and has provided colleagues and staff at all levels with many opportunities to gain new experiences and achieve advancement in their own careers.

Margie is an exemplary Dalhousie alum and unquestionably deserving of this award. She has the support of her staff, colleagues, and the people she works with and serves in her community.

The Dalhousie Alumni Association will be planning an event to celebrate their OAA (Outstanding Alumni Award) recipient later this coming fall, and we hope you will join us to acknowledge Margie’s contributions and celebrate the impact she has made on the profession.