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CULC/CBUC offers support to the Digital HUB proposal for Canadians with Print Disabilities

OTTAWA — Members of the Canadian Urban Libraries Association took the opportunity to ask Guest John Rafferty (CEO and President of the CNIB) many questions, express views and to determine the intent of the Digital HUB proposal that CNIB has offered. In a wide-ranging discussion that was based in the role of the public library […]

RFI Released seeking partners for better eContent for Public Libraries

PRESS RELEASE For Immediate Release TORONTO (June 5, 2012) eBOUND Canada and the Canadian Urban Libraries Council (CULC) together have issued a Request for Information (RFI) invitation to vendors and solutions providers concerning a joint public library eBook lending initiative. “CULC/CBUC has been involved in a constructive collaboration for over 18 months with members of […]

CULC/CBUC participating with the eye to better understanding the challenges facing LAC-BAC

On May 22, the Executive Director will attend, at LAC’s invitation, a day-long program on how they are planning on fulfilling their mandate in these ever changing times. Documentary heritage institutions face key challenges in the 21st Century. Traditional assumptions and practices that held fast for many years no longer hold true, as the ways […]

Shared Spaces: Funding and Managing Libraries and Parks in Tough Times Session 2

IMFG News, Urban and Regional Planning March 01, 2012 Venue: Vivian and David Campbell Conference Facility at the Munk School of Global Affairs This series of three lectures explores the importance of shared public spaces such as libraries and parks to the health of our city. In an era of fiscal restraint, shared spaces are […]

Lecture/ Shared Spaces: Funding and Managing Libraries and Parks in TOugh Times

The Institute on Municipal Finance and Governance focuses on the finance and governance issues faced by large cities and city-regions in Canada and develops solutions to their fiscal problems. IMFG Series on Shared Spaces: Funding and Managing Libraries and Parks in Tough Times This series of three lectures will explore the importance of shared public […]

Toronto Budget Committee Votes for $7M more from Library Board

UPDATED: The Toronto Star reported on January 12th that the Executive Committee reversed some of the decisions by the Budget Committee including lowering the cut to the Toronto Public Library by $3.1M.–toronto-budget-rob-ford-allies-reject-proposed-cuts-to-arts-and-library?bn=1 The Board had offered 5.9% of cuts totally $10M. The Budget Committee voted on Monday to force the Board to choose how […]

Ontario Provincial Election: Party Positions on Public and School Libraries

Thursday September 29, 2011 RE: PROVINCIAL ELECTION: PARTY POSITIONS ON PUBLIC AND SCHOOL LIBRARIES Dear Members, Colleagues, and Fellow Ontarians: On Thursday October 6, 2011, we, the people of Ontario will go to the polls and elect the MPPs who will constitute the Legislative Assembly of the 40th Parliament of Ontario. As members of the […]

CULC/CBUC White Paper on eBooks in Canadian Public Libraries

Christina de Castell (Vancouver Public Library) has developed this overview piece of the eBook issues that face Canadian Public Libraries. It is an educational/awareness piece and not policy per se. The document is broken into the following categories. Publishers and libraries need eBook models that make sense and maintain a strong book industry in Canada. […]

Paul Whitney Re-elected to IFLA Governing Board

IFLA ELECTION 2011-2013 The results of the IFLA elections for President-Elect and Governing Board for the term 2011-2013 have just been announced. Paul Whitney, consultant and former chief librarian of the Vancouver Public Library, was re-elected for a second term on the IFLA Governing Board with the second highest number of votes of all candidates. […]

Government of Canada Supports CNIB (Canadian National Institute for the Blind)’s Library

TORONTO, ONTARIO, February 23, 2011 – Canadians who are blind or partially sighted will continue to have access to a unique library as a result of support from the Government of Canada. Today, the Honourable Rona Ambrose, Minister of Public Works and Government Services and Minister for Status of Women, on behalf of the Honourable […]