Category: Safety & Security

CULC/CBUC Releases a Safety & Security Toolkit for Public Libraries

The Safety and Security Working Group of the Canadian Urban Libraries Council / Conseil des Bibliothèques Urbaines du Canada (CULC/CBUC) announces the release of a Safety and Security Toolkit to help public libraries more effectively manage and respond to safety and security incidents. Across Canada, socio-economic forces are increasing the frequency and intensity of security […]

CULC/CBUC 2024 Federal Funding Submission

CULC/CBUC has submitted five recommendations for the pre-budget consultations in advance of the 2024 budget. Recommendation 1: That the Government of Canada: Recommendation 2: That the Government of Canada recognizes the role public libraries are playing in delivering on federal priorities in communities across Canada and provides funding to further support libraries performing these critical […]

CULC/CBUC Sessions at OLA Super Conference

CULC/CBUC Sessions at OLA Super Conference: Get Loud About Access to Digital Content with the CULC/CBUC Digital Content Working GroupThursday, 2:15 pm – 3:30 pmSpeakers: Jennifer Stirling, Vicky Varga, Lisa Vohra, Sarah Macintyre CULC/CBUC CEO panelFriday, 9:15 am – 10:30 amSpeakers: Mary Chevreau, Danielle Hubbard, Chrissy Hodgins, Darren Solomon and Moderated by Åsa Kachan Safety […]

CULC/CBUC Federal Budget Submission

Written Submission for the Pre-Budget Consultationsin Advance of the 2024 Federal Budget List of Recommendations Recommendation 1: That the Government of Canada ensures libraries have reasonable access on reasonable terms to e-content from multi-national publishers through consideration of amendments to the federal Competition Act and/or legislation like that introduced in the United States ensures libraries […]