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Safety & Security Working Group

Safety & Security Working Group – Terms of Reference

Purpose: Public libraries across Canada are facing an unprecedented increase in the frequency and intensity of security and safety incidents in their spaces.  The purpose of the CULC/CBUC Safety and Security Working Group is to:  

  1. Promote learning, support and collaboration around safety and security in public libraries.  
  2. Develop a toolkit consisting of best practices regarding safety and security including: training and employee supports, social workers, customer conduct expectations, collaborative initiatives with other agencies, etc. 
  3. Create an advocacy and communication strategy to
    1. raise awareness of the complex societal issues that public libraries are facing  
    2. reinforce the core mandate of public libraries and acknowledge our role as part of the solution 
    3. identify the importance of multi-level governmental and organizational solutions 

Deliverables: The following are the Working Group deliverables. 

  • Completion of a toolkit that is shared with and utilized by CULC/CBUC and other public libraries.  
  • Preparation of communication and advocacy strategies.  
  • Presenting findings/recommendations of the working group at the October CULC/CBUC Member Meeting.  
  • Provide an update at the Spring CULC/CBUC Member Meeting. 

Evaluation: The following will be used to evaluate the success of this working group. 

  • Feedback indicates that the toolkit is helpful and useful. 
  • Collaboration demonstrated through sharing best practices within the working group.  
  • Communication and advocacy strategies are used by CULC/CBUC libraries to leverage their provincial and municipal government and local organizations to raise awareness and be included at related discussions. 
  • CULC/CBUC is included at federal government tables addressing these societal issues. 

Type: Ad hoc – January to August 2023 


  • Pilar Martinez, Edmonton Public Library, Chair of Safety and Security Working Group, and Advocacy Sub-group
  • Heather Robertson, Calgary Public Library – Chair of Toolkit Sub-group
  • Brad Bird, Saskatoon Public Library 
  • Karin Borland, Winnipeg Public Library 
  • Carol Cooley, Saskatoon Public Library (CULC/CBUC Exec Sponsor) 
  • Moe Hosseini-Ara, Toronto Public Library  
  • Elizabeth Malak, Toronto Public Library
  • Jennifer Marriott, CULC/CBUC
  • Judy Moore, Thompson-Nicola Regional Library (CULC/CBUC Exec Sponsor) 
  • Nora Ott, Marigold Library System
  • Paul Takala, Hamilton Public Library  
  • Vicky Varga, Edmonton Public Library 

Meetings: Meetings are held at least monthly 

Reporting: CULC/CBUC Executive  

Date: January 27, 2023 

Member Commitments: 

  • Attend meetings and actively participate 
  • Members will share resources 
  • Read and prepare for meetings 
  • Follow through on actions 
  • Maintain and respect confidentiality  
  • Respectful communication and virtual etiquette  
  • Create space for all ideas to be shared and explored  
  • Approach this topic with optimism and hope