Knowledge Transfer


Safety & Security Team

Public libraries across Canada are facing an unprecedented increase in the frequency and intensity of security and safety incidents in their spaces. Continuing the momentum of the CULC/CBUC Safety & Security Working Group, the Safety and Security Community of Practice will consist of a group of 8-10 CULC/CBUC  members who will:

  1. Promote learning, support and collaboration around safety and security amongst CULC/CBUC members.
  2. Ensure the CULC/CBUC Safety & Security Toolkit (consisting of best practices regarding safety and security including training and employee supports, social workers, customer conduct expectations, collaborative initiatives with other agencies) continues to be a living document.
  3. Provide expertise and support to the CULC/CBUC Executive in advocacy work related to safety and security.


The following are the Community of Practice deliverables.

  • Facilitating the sharing and usage of the safety and security toolkit by CULC/CBUC and other public libraries.
  • Engaging members in the toolkit content and renewal of content.
  • Adding new content as necessary to the toolkit; updating and editing content to the toolkit.
  • Establishing a community of practice for CULC/CBUC members and their staff who are engaged in the work of safety and security to enable sharing and learning.
  • Creating a portal/wiki that includes the range and diversity of resources related to Safety and Security contributed by CULC/CBUC members that is easily accessible and searchable (with the support of CULC/CBUC’s administrative staff).
  • Engaging the community of practice members to provide support and resources to each other and other CULC/CBUC members.
  • Supporting CULC/CBUC Executive in implementing the communications and advocacy strategy related to safety and security.


The following will be used to evaluate the success of this working group:

  • Feedback indicates that the toolkit and accompanying portal is helpful and
    useful, relevant, and current.
  • Collaboration demonstrated through sharing best practices within the working group.
  • A robust website that is regularly updated and used by members of CULC/CBUC.




  • Karin Borland, Winnipeg Public Library,
  • Heather Robertson, Calgary Public Library,
  • and managers representing a variety of CULC/CBUC member library sizes (up to 10 in
  • CULC/CBUC Executive Director (and admin support) Ex Officio
  • Chair: Moe Hosseini-Ara


3-year rotation to enable other CULC/CBUC members to participate/contribute.