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Senior Staff Change – A Perspective from the Players

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

2:30 pm Eastern
Connect Information: Will be sent directly to member CEOs

Kitty Pope, CEO, Windsor Public Library, and former CEO, Guelph Public Library;
Steve Kraft, CEO, Guelph Public Library.

Transitioning or orienting a new CEO or Senior Manager is big work, and frankly often forgotten in the chaos of change. Join Guelph Public Library’s new CEO Steve Kraft and Kitty Pope CEO of the Windsor Public Library to talk about how to transition and orient senior staff. It’s guaranteed to be an animated and interesting chat. 

Safety & Security in the Library

October 29, 2014

Bill Ptacek, CEO, Calgary Public Library
Gerry Burger-Martindale, Manger, Central Library, Calgary Public Library

Learning Objectives

  • Learn about security issues facing public libraries in urban settings
  • Understand the theoretical foundations for environmental criminological analysis in a library setting
  • Take away practical solutions for library security in a real-world context

While increasing the number of security guards and their mandate of powers is counter to the philosophy of openness of any library, urban libraries experiencing serious problems with crime and aberrant behaviour need to implement a robust response to safety and security to effect change. However, effective and lasting safety solutions go beyond an increased security presence in the library. Environmental crime prevention is a discipline based on the idea that altering physical spaces can address crime by reducing suitable targets, removing offenders’ motivations, and ensuring that a capable guardian is in place.

Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation

September 10, 2014

Mannit Zemel, MTX Law

CULC/CBUC partnered with Ontario’s Federation of Ontario Public Libraries on a legal opinion on the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) and the implications for public libraries.  The Executive decided to pursue this after a number of conflicting opinions had been received from various sources including City Solicitors.  There are a number of recommendations made in the Legal Opinion.  A proposed Library Policy is being worked on as an extension.

The document will be sent to all CULC/CBUC Members on August 26.  It will be embargoed as a CULC/CBUC Member Benefit for 90 days.  Same applies for FOPL Members.  The document is just over 50 pages.  There are a number of recommendations for libraries to pursue in the document.

CULC/CBUC has arranged for a Member-only Presentation and Q&A session with Mannit Zemel, the lawyer who wrote the opinion. Maanit Zemel is the founder of MTZ Law, an internet law and commercial litigation boutique law firm in Toronto. Ms. Zemel has substantial experience and expertise in internet law, including Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL), online defamation and cyberbullying. Ms. Zemel regularly advises businesses, charities, and non-profits on practical and effective CASL compliance policies and procedures. Prior to starting MTZ Law, Ms. Zemel was a partner at a large national law firm.

Call is open to all CULC/CBUC Members.  CEO’s and Senior Staff as approved by CEO.  Format will be a presentation followed by Q & A.