CULC/CBUC Toolkit on Recovery & Reimagined Public Library Services Post COVID-19

COVID-19 Toolkit


Full return to pre-Covid-19 conditions is not expected until after development and implementation of a vaccine for the virus – up to 12 to 18 months from now. (Justin Trudeau’s address on April 10, 2020). Timing of public libraries’ recovery will be dependent on many factors, including health orders and restrictions mandated by provinces and municipalities

Recovery of public library operations and service delivery will be an opportunity to reimagine service delivery with the conditions of continued physical distancing measures and more stringent disinfectant and sanitization processes.

Terms of Reference

  1. A think tank consisting of eight CULC/CBUC members, a representative from LAC and potentially other stakeholders will convene to brainstorm and document factors, considerations, risks and opportunities that need to be applied in the post-Covid-19 world.
  2. The think tank group will:
    1. Conduct an environmental scan to inform recommendations.
    2. A representative of this think tank group may also liaise with ULC to benefit from their exploration and investigation into this issue and incorporate any ideas into the report developed.
    3. Potentially convene sub-groups to support research and report writing of the think tank.
    4. Develop a report with recommendations to support public libraries in their efforts to
      develop recovery plans and redesigned service delivery post Covid-19.
  3. Timelines will be mid-April to May 21 and include presenting a draft report to CULC/CBUC Executive, and the final report to the CULC/CBUC membership for May 21 (Proposed date of CULC/CBUC AGM).

Team Operations

  1. A call for members will be solicited on the CULC/CBUC listserv. Names submitted by Friday, April 18.
  2. Time Commitment. Given quick turnaround in order to meet the needs of CULC/CBUC members in planning for their recovery, the group will plan to have two Calls/Conferences per week starting next week. Members will work on best times once appointed. Between meetings, it is anticipated that members will be conducting research, and writing the report, so time commitment is expected to be quite high.
  3. The CULC/CBUC Executive will finalize the membership of this ad hoc think tank group and select a chair from those who put their names forward. All will be involved through sub-groups as the work develops.
  4. The ad hoc think tank team will report to the CULC/CBUC Executive and provide biweekly updates on the team’s progress. Åsa Kachan, Halifax Public Libraries, will serve as Executive Liaison.

Public Library Services Post Covid-19 Survey

Please share the following links to a short consultation
survey. We are looking for input from senior management, staff, vendors and those connected to the public library community. The survey is short given the short timelines the Think Tank group has if it is to meet the planned deadline of a published report on May 21st.

DEADLINE: Survey will be left open, but the data will start analysis on May 8. Please contribute by then.

English Survey

French Survey

Think Tank Updates