CULC/CBUC Toolkit on Recovery & Reimagined Public Library Services Post COVID-19



What is the best way to manage collections to minimize the health and safety risk COVID-19 may pose to the public and staff? What services can be offered that support equitable access to collections when access to our buildings is restricted? Is it time for a review of membership and circulation policies? How do libraries achieve a balanced collection given the restraints and financial demands that COVID-19 creates?


Collections Checklist

General Materials Handling

  • What are the minimum health and safety recommendations to permit the lending of physical collections, understanding that research is emerging on how long the COVID-19 virus remains on various types of surfaces?

Customer Access to Collections

  • What services could be offered to limit physical contact and support access for all, particularly, vulnerable groups?
  • What membership and circulation policies should be reviewed to encourage library use and equitable access?

Collections Development

  • How should acquisition, cataloguing and processing workflows be adjusted?
  • How can the library balance collections with new restraints and demands?

Collections Working Group

  • Mary Cavanagh, School of Information Studies University of Ottawa
  • Michael Ciccone, Executive Officer, London Public Library
  • Sharon Day, Director, Branch Services and Collections, Edmonton Public Library
  • Teresa Johnson, Director, Research and Planning, New Brunswick Public Library Service
  • Edmund Salt, President, Whitehots Inc.
  • Chantal Saulnier, Public Services Development Librarian, New Brunswick Public Library Service