CULC/CBUC Toolkit on Recovery & Reimagined Public Library Services Post COVID-19

Marketing & Communicatons

Marketing & Communications

COVID-19 is impacting all aspects of library service and community life more broadly. What are our key messages for the community? How best can health and safety messages be communicated? How do libraries ensure the public and our funders understand the value of libraries in recovery and community resilience?

Marketing & Communications Checklist

  • How will you raise awareness of what the library can offer now and consider these existing services as a foundation to build on?
  • How can your library create a cascade of information – timely, accurate updates of what is available now, and what is to follow?
  • How will you emphasize that a safe and sound approach to reopening will mean a gradual return of services; unfortunately, not every service?
  • How will you remind patrons that each library service must adapt to a new operating environment?
  • What are the best ways to keep your patrons informed of these immediate and long-term changes to their library system?
  • Do you have a plan to communicate with your partners, your funders and your supporters to secure their continued interest and involvement?
  • What roles can they play in your recovery efforts? What information do they need to support the library?
  • Can you take your vision statement in a new direction? Can you deliver your mandate by doing things differently, and doing different things?
  • How will we have candid and thoughtful community conversations about the ways libraries are changing?
  • How can libraries demonstrate their relevance and communicate their value, without alienating library users that preferred the way things used to be?

Marketing & Communications Working Group

  • Mary Kapusta, Director, Communications, Calgary Public Library
  • Carol Nelson, Director, Planning and Communications, Vancouver Public Library
  • Kitty Pope, Chief Executive Officer, Windsor Public Library
  • Daphne Wood, Director, Library Services, Planning and Engagement, Greater Victoria Public Library
  • Chris Woodrow, Director, Corporate Services, Windsor Public Library