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Futures Lab

About Futures Lab

In 2021 CULC/CBUC launched a project to explore opportunities for public libraries to become even more resilient and relevant in the face of an uncertain post-pandemic future. This work was facilitated by OCAD University, working alongside a task force of public library leaders.

The project showed that libraries need and want to be forward-looking and innovative to be better able to proactively respond to our constantly changing environments, opportunities and threats; but that many of them lack the dedicated resources and/or skills to support activities and processes related to foresight analysis and response. The project also showed that in an increasingly competitive and digital world, it is essential for libraries to continue to innovate to maintain their relevance for their community.

One of the final recommendations of this work was to develop a Futures Lab that could leverage and support the CULC/CBUC library network, to provide information and build skills that can help public libraries more confidently manage the future.

Read the full report: The Future Of Libraries