Futures Lab

Futures Lab Steering Committee

Terms of Reference


The Futures Lab helps CULC/CBUC libraries continue to remain relevant and resilient in an uncertain world.

We focus on looking forward, to monitor, assess and elevate the key issues, trends and pressures that could potentially shape the futures of libraries. The insights, tools and skills that the Futures Lab delivers will empower libraries to create change where they are at and become better prepared to manage whatever comes their way in the future.

The outcomes of this work will support sustainable and collective long-term success in the public library sector.


  • Action-oriented – less talking and more doing
  • Open-minded – think creatively and challenge assumptions
  • Co-design – leverage the power of our library network for insights, work, and solutions
  • Test and learn – iterating and prototyping help us understand and move quicker
  • Support everyone – involve and engage everyone, not just CEOs

Indicators of Success

  • Uptake or adoption of Futures Lab events, tools, and other resources
  • Survey participation and feedback indicating Futures Lab resources are useful
  • Engaged discussion and interest during CULC/CBUC member meetings
  • Successful recruitment to the Champions Teams and Steering Committee


  • Standing Committee reporting to CULC/CBUC members via the Executive Director
  • Steering Committee guides three “Futures Lab Champions” Teams
  • No defined operating budget, but funds may be available on as-needed basis
  • Microsoft Teams channel available if needed via CULC/CBUC
  • Information on the Futures Lab included in the CULC/CBUC website
  • Administrative support provided CULC/CBUC

Steering Committee

  • Six meetings per year – August, October, November, February, April, June
  • 5-9 members
    • One Chair
    • One Vice-Chair
    • One Sponsor for each of the three Champion Teams
  • Quorum 50% + 1 attendance
  • Aim for senior level membership to support buy-in, influence, and quick decision-making
  • Volunteers recruited through open call to member library CEOs
  • Aim for fair representation across geography, language, and library size
  • Provide updates at CULC/CBUC Member Meetings
  • Meetings held virtually through Zoom
  • Use “living agenda” that allows everyone to add items and consult between meetings
  • Member commitments
    • One year (February – January); with option to re-commit each year
    • Attend meetings and actively participate
    • May be removed if miss two consecutive meetings
    • Prepare for and actively engage in meetings
    • Follow through on action items
    • Respectful communication and virtual etiquette
    • Create space for all ideas to be shared and explored


  • Daphne Wood, Greater Victoria Public Library (Chair)
  • Lisa McDonough, Vaughan Public Library (Vice Chair)
  • Darren Solomon, Kitchener Public Library (Past Chair)
  • Andrea Cecchetto, Markham Public Library
  • Beth Côté, Saskatoon Public Library
  • Jackie Flowers, Pickering Public Library
  • Kelly Kipfer, Waterloo Public Library
  • Jason Tooral, Ajax Public Library

Past Members

  • Amélie Harbec, Bibliothèques Montreal (2021–2023)
  • Ryan Jamieson, Coquitlam Public Library (2021–2023)
  • Genevieve Luthy, Calgary Public Library (2021–2023)
  • Pam Ryan, Toronto Public Library (2021–2022)
  • Tina Thomas, Edmonton Public Library (2021–2022)
  • Rania Younes, OCAD Student (2021–2022)